RAMM account error


On 2021.02.24. evening, an error occurred on the Expert Advisor of Grand Capital. As a strategy manager, we have to run their EA on our MT4 terminal. This EA has been sending the signals of any changes on our account.

Two days ago our RAMM strategy’s profitability was 108%. We made this screenshot before the error happened.



Later we had some new running trades and yesterday we closed them all. When we checked the fresh profitability it showed 51% and changed from minute to minute, while we had no running trades.

It looked like, the EA didn’t set the 3rd or possibly the 2nd trade neither. Then we checked our server and we saw that the EA shows an error.



We contacted Grand Capital, but we didn’t receive any answer yet about how we can resolve the issue.

We reinstalled the EA and it is working now, but we still don’t know what happened or what will happen with the running trade or trades.



The actual profitability on the RAMM account is 75% (the Equity is 100% on the master account now). We hope we will able to resolve this issue we will get back the lost percents in the statistics.

We will update you about this when we will get any information from Grand Capital.




Today is 2021.02.27. The equity of the Master account is 100%, we have no running trades on it. We closed the last trade hours before the end of the trading trade and the RAMM account’s profitability didn’t change. This means that the trades, which were run in the background because of the error were closed somehow.

We still didn’t receive a reply from Grand Capital’s tech support about the issue, but you can see we already recovered a part of the lost percents.



The profitability jumped up by 30%. It had to be added to 108%, not to 51%. It should show something like we can see on the LAMM account’s investor area right now.



We will write a fresh update after we receive any fresh information from Grand Capital.




This is 2021.03.07. and we still don’t have any reply from Grand Capital’s tech support about resolving the error of our RAMM strategy. We only have this reply.



So we decided to start a new RAMM strategy for those who want to use that service.



We will write an update if something will happen.





The new RAMM strategy has the same error, so I will try to restart them if Grand Capital will able to tell me how can we resolve that.





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