Guaranteed 30%-50% monthly profit


We decided to make an offer to all the members who want to earn profit with more than $1000 account balance.

Our offer is simple and easy. You will earn 30% profit ($1000-$5000 capital), 50% profit ($5000 or bigger capital) on your account, or we will send you the rest of the earnings after the 30th day. 

Just contact us for more info. We will help to set the copy trading service well and give all the necessary information you will need.


From today, we also let you use any broker, not just Grand Capital, but this service isn’t that simple as the LAMM or RAMM service of GC.

Other brokers won’t pay our 20% service fee and won’t deliver a working copy trading service so we have to do it on our server with our own copy trading EA.


What will you need to use our service at other broker’s trading account?


You need an account with 1:500 leverage and with min. $1000 balance. You can join the service with lower leverage, but you have to know that the profitability will be less. Your broker must accept using Expert Advisors and hedging. These are necessary to use the safeforexrobot strategy safely and with high profitability.

Our service has a 20% fee. This means you have to pay 20% of the generated profit every week in BTC or ETH. You have to pay 10% of your account balance, but max. $500 in advance. This is a security deposit for us. You will get it back if you want to cancel the service.

Ask your questions about this service here in a comment or in email.


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