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Our fully automated copy-trading service is free to start and safe to anyone. Read more below to learn about the service and it’s profitability.


About SafeForexRobot


Algorithmic trading can be very profitable and safe if you have an Expert Advisor with a powerful trading strategy and if you use a good broker.
Our forex robot uses a very accurate method to find the right trading direction, our setup, and the daily manual revision makes it safer than any kind of Expert Advisor that you can buy.

You can buy our trading robot for a huge amount of money (0.25 BTC is the price of our EA) but it is not necessary. We found a better way to share it with others. Our broker has a built-in service that helps investors to invest in any successful trader’s trading with a trade sharing option. This is an automated system that copies the Master account’s trades to the investor’s account.



The good in this is that you don’t have to pay any cents to buy our robot. We will receive a part of your profit automatically from the system.


How profitable is our safeforexrobot?


Our plan is to keep the monthly profitability of 30-50%.



Updated on 2021.06.06.




Check the STATISTICS for more info about the master account.


Guaranteed 30%-50% monthly profit



How can I start earning money?


You have to register a broker account, fund your account with min. $50 $10 and set up the investment service





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Can I use your EA at my existing broker account?


You can use the LAMM service with your existing broker account at our preferred broker, but you can’t join it with other broker’s accounts.

You can choose to buy our EA for 0.25 BTC or for 10 ETH if you want to use it on a different broker’s MT4 platform.

The other option is our special copy trading offer for $5000 or bigger account owners.

Use the contact form if you want to choose any of these options.